Raptor ID Video Workshop

Videos are better than photos or plates to communicate information on flight mode, flapping frequency, and changes in flight silhouette.  Frequent pitfalls or difficult-to see species will be treated here.  These videos are aimed at improving your raptor identification skills and are complementary to the book.  These short videos are a byproduct of the field work we conduct to produce the information to be included in Raptors of South America.

The White-collared Kite is a critically endangered species restricted to forest patches in Pernambuco and Alagoas states in NE Brazil.  The species has been recorded mostly flying over the forest in early to mid morning.  Confusion species include Gray-headed Kite, and Mantled, White-necked and Short-tailed Hawks.  Correct field identification of the White-collared Kite is necessary to produce reliable information on this species’ distribution, population size, and biology.

The Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo albonotatus) is a widespread species occurring in tropical and subtropical, mostly open areas in South America.  The species has been mentioned for northern Argentina without evidence.  Confusion species include Cathartes vultures, and several dark morph buteos.  Correct field identification of the Zone-tailed Hawk in necessary to produce reliable information on the species’ distribution.