Hawk-watching in South America

Raptor abundance and species richness in South America varies among areas.  Whereas as many as 20 species can be seen in a single morning in the Llanos of Venezuela, there are areas in Patagonia where one can drive for hours without seen a single hawk.  Some species are distributed throughout most of the continent but are more abundant in some places.  This applies to color morphs as well.  Finally, raptors concentrate both in space and time in migration bottlenecks.  In these places the chances of observing certain secretive, rare or difficult-to-see species improve dramatically.

This section of the book will be a directory of sites to watch raptor migration or difficult-to-see species.  Known sites for rare or local species (see photo below) are being visited by the author to assess their quality and reliability.  New raptor migration watchsites or concentration locations, such as important roost sites, are being discovered every year.  This information will be summarized country-by-country to improve opportunities to view raptors in South America.  Contact information of organizations and individuals that may provide local help will be given.

Raptors of South America Raptor-watching Trips

Join the author of Raptors of South America on a Raptor Trip and learn about raptor identification and behavior first hand.  Get involved in the very process of gathering information for the book including raptor abundance, GPS locations, and photographs.  Signing up for a Raptor-watching Trip you will be supporting Raptors of South America. 

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