Art Collection Series

These 10 hyperrealistic plates by project artist Freddy Pallinger constitute the world’s first bird-art collection entirely generated by computer.  The series was created to provide art collectors and conservation supporters with a unique opportunity to acquire tabloid-sized prints of plates to be included in Raptors of South America while sponsoring the project.  The series includes nine species of charismatic raptors, plus  the “Tiny Forest-Falcon” an imaginary species created by Pallinger and representing the still undiscovered raptors in the continent. 

Sponsorship of this series begins at $5,000.  Sponsoring a plate in the Art Collection Series you will receive one certified photographic print (11 x 17”) of the plate you sponsor, plus one certified photographic print (8.5 x 11”) of each plate in the series.  No other copies will be printed (aside from the book) as this is a limited sponsorship offer.  Individual sponsors will be acknowledged at the base of each plate in the book.

Contact Dr. Keith Bildstein for details on how to sponsor a plate in the Art Collection Series.

Browse the Art Collection Series below and choose the plate you want to sponsor!  Click on images to enlarge.